Chain of Craters Road Quiz

Answer each of the following questions by clicking in the diamond to the left of the possible answers. There is only one correct answer to each question. After answering all the questions, click on the button at the bottom of the page that says 'Submit quiz for scoring'. Your results will be displayed automatically. Good luck!

1. What feature does the chain of craters road follow ?
Kilauea Crater rim
Southwest Rift Zone
Kilauea Iki
East Rift Zone

2. What was formed when highly fluid lava from Mauna Ulu ran through part of a rain forest ?
olivine deposits
tree molds
ash layers

3. What two interesting observations can scientists make about a lava flow by studying tree molds ?
depth and direction of the lava flow
temperature and speed of the lava flow
distance the lava traveled
how long the eruption lasted

4. Step faults can easily been seen by looking south along .....
Mauna Ulu
Kilauea summit
Holai Pali
Mauna Kea

5. What is happening when you see a big cloud of smoke rising at the coast?
tree molds are being made
lava flows are entering the ocean
lava is crossing the road
a lava channel is being created

6. What equipment would you take for a climb on the Holai Pali?
a rope and other climbing gear
suntan lotion and a beach mat
strong boots and gloves
camping equipment

7. What gas is released (and ignited) as hot lava covers trees and other organic material creating explosions ?
carbon dioxide

8. What town was destroyed by lava in the early 1990's, but also where some of the best views of lava flows were to be enjoyed ?

9. What type of lava is bright in most of the pictures due to the sun's rays reflecting off the surface ?

10. What type of lava flowed over the Royal Garden subdivision destroying over 100 houses between 1983 and 1986 ?

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