This quiz covers the Ground tour around Kilauea Crater, stops 1-9

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1. What are the lines of weakness on Kilauea Volcanoes are called?
tidal zones
time zones
rift zones
know zones

2. The last eruption which occured within Halemaumau pit crater was in which year?

3. How wide accross is Halemaumau crater?
920 meters
85 meters
2,050 meters
250 meters

4. What type of material did eruption in September 1982 produce?
Blocks of ejecta
Smooth a'a lava
Rough a'a
Pahoehoe lava

5. What is the feature called that was produced by ash from the November 1959 eruption of Kilauea Iki ?
Thurston Lava Tube
Devastation Trail
Fire Fountain Walk
Kilauea Iki Crater

6. How old is Thurston Lava Tube?
About 10 years
About 10,000 years
About 50 - 100 years
About 350 - 500 years

7. The visitor's portion of Thurston lava tube is only a few hundred meters in length; how long does it extend underground ?
1 km
15 km
40 km
100 km

8. What is the cone on the floor of Kilauea Iki crater made of ?
A'a lava
pahoehoe lava
Pele's tears

9. What process continues to expand Kilauea crater ?
collapse of the rim due to slumping
erupting lava flows
swelling of the volcano

10. How many rift zones does Kilauea volcano have ?
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