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This is an air photograph of Honolulu and Waikiki, with the Koolau mountains in the background. At bottom right is Diamond Head, which is one of Hawaii's most famous landmarks and is an extinct volcano cone that formed about 300,000 years ago.

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This is an air photograph of the Reef Runway at Honolulu International Airport. This is one of the emergency landing sites for the Space Shuttle, and can easily be seen from space because it is over 3 km long! The Koolau mountains are in the background.

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This is Aloha Stadium, which is close to Pearl Harbor and the home of the annual Aloha Bowl football game. Every weekend when there is not a sporting event, the Stadium also hosts a giant flea market.

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This is an aerial view of the Alawai Canal, which lies between Waikiki and the mountains. It is often used for canoe races, and is a fine jogging route. If you look really closely at the S-shaped building at lower right, you can also just see the P.I.'s apartment!

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