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In this photograph of southeast Oahu, you can clearly see much of the Virtual Field Trip of Oahu. At lower left is Koko Head and Hanauma Bay. Then comes Koko Crater and Makapuu. This is a wonderful part of the island for a scenic drive, since you can get fine views of crashing waves, whales during the wintertime, and on clear days the islands of Molokai and Lanai.

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Close up view of Koko Head (lower right) and Koko Crater (in the shadow of the cloud). These two volcanic craters are parts of what is called the "Post-Erosional Volcanics Series of Oahu", since they formed almost 2 million years after the lava flows that form the Koolau volcano were erupted.

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This unusual view of Diamond Head shows very clearly the variations in the height of the crater rim. This varies because at the time of the eruption, the trade winds were blowing from left to right in this view, so that more ash fell downwind to the right, making that part of the rim much higher. The valleys running down the side of the cone are caused by erosion due to rainfall.

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