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Kilauea volcano is the featured subject of an entire Virtual Field Trip on this Web Site. Just to get you interested in this volcano, we are showing just one of the many Space Shuttle Radar (SIR-C) images that were collected over Kilauea in April and October 1994. Kilauea Caldera is the central feature in this image. the red area just to the left of center marks the extent of the large ash deposit that was formed in 1790. The lava flows from the 1969 - 1974 eruptions of Mauna Ulu are at bottom center of this image. The different colors have been generated by displaying different radar wavelengths as different colors. Red corresponds to L-band (23 cm) horizontally transmit and vertically receive (HV polarization), green is L-band horizontally transmit and receive (HH polarization), and blue is C-band (5.6 cm) horizontally transmit and vertically receive (HV polarization).

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