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This is a Space Shuttle radar (SIR-C) image of Kohala volcano, which is the oldest of the five volcanoes on the Big Island. The image was collected in April 1994. It is only a low resolution version of the data that will ultimately be available once the full data set is processed. However, even at this scale we get a rare vied of Kohala because typically it has many clouds around the summit. Radar, because it operates at a wavelength that is not affected by clouds, can "see" the surface whatever the weather. This is part of SIR-C Data Take 122.2.

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During the second SIR-C flight, some of the data were obtained at very high resolution so that topographic mapping could be performed via a technique called "radar interferometry". This image of the summit of Kohala volcano shows the advantage of this high-resolution mode. Notice the graben that forms the summit of the volcano, and all of the fine stream channels that are to the bottom of this image

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