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The Space Shuttle radar (SIR-C/X-SAR) experiment collected this image of SE Oahu. In this image we can see some interesting things, including the heavily eroded southern side of the Koolau range and the different types of vegetation NE of the Pali (see the East Oahu Virtual Field Trips for more details!). Also faintly visible (due to its low radar backscatter) is the Honolulu International Airport at lower left, and Diamond Head at lower right. The area between the airport and Diamond Head is the city of Honolulu, where the many buildings reflect the radar energy very well and so show as bright areas on this radar image. The dark line running through the bright area is the H-1 freeway. This is SIR-C Data Take 100.00 from the 2nd radar flight in October 1994, and combines data collected at L-Band HH (red) L-Band HV (green) and C-Band HV (blue).

Copyright by P. Mouginis-Mark