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Images from Space: Kaua'i

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Shuttle Photographs

Space Shuttle photograph of Kauai, taken from the north (west is to the right in this image). Kauai is 53 x 40 km in size. It is the wettest of the Hawaiian Islands, and the heavy cloud seen in this image over the upper windward slopes is typical at many times of the year. The spectacular Waimea Canyon can be seen as the brown line to the right of the clouds. The highly popular Makahuena Point, where many fine hotels are located, is located at the top of this image.

Landsat Images

This is a Landsat MultiSpectral Scanner (MSS) image of Kauai, taken in 1978 from the Landsat 3 spacecraft. This instrument differs from the subsequent Landsat Thematic Mapper sensor in that it had a resolution of 80 m/pixel. However, this is a rare cloud-free view of Kauai, so that there is historical value in the image, particularly because it was taken before hurricanes Iwa (1982) and Iniki (1992) hit the island.

This is a Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) image of eastern Kauai

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Author: Lori Glaze

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Curator: Lori Glaze