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Aerial Photographs

Looking almost straight down on the southwestern side of Haleakala volcano, one can see numerous cinder cones that mark the location of the main rift zone of the volcano. Haleakala Crater is in shadow at top right of this view.

The small cinder cones and relatively young lava flows in the summit crater of Haleakala volcano on Maui can be easily seen in this view. Also visible along the northern rim (left hand side in this view) is the road that tourists can take to drive to the summit. This is a great way to see sunrise on the volcano, and one often gets spectacular views as the morning clouds move in and out of the crater!

Another view of the southern side of Haleakala Crater on the island of Maui.

On the southern side of Haleakala Crater there is a deep valley called Kaupo Gap, which is the route for a delightful (but long!) hike from the crater floor to the coast. If you take this route, plan to camp in the crater, but make sure that you check in at the Park Service first.

This is a wider field of view showing the southern rim of Haleakala Crater and (just right of center) Kaupo Gap.