Remote Image Navigator

Big Island

What is the Image Navigator?

Instructions: To zoom in on a particular area, or to view the entire Big Island as seen by the Landsat satellite, click on the map. You may also like to view a variety of other images from space .

If you are interested in upper ocean and lower atmosphere processes, you might like to see some interesting images acquired by the SPOT satellite of the ocean to the northwest of the Big Island.

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Maps created by SOEST Illustrations Group (Brooks Bays & Nancy Hulbirt)

What is the Image Navigator?

The Image Navigator is a tool for finding remote sensing images of Hawaii with a range of spatial resolutions. These images come from a variety of sources, including instruments carried on aircraft, satellites and the Space Shuttle.

Authors: Lori Glaze and Shana Frankel

Copyright by P. Mouginis-Mark

Curator: Lori Glaze