So, how much do you know about Southeast Oahu!

Answer each of the following questions by clicking in the diamond to the left of the possible answers. There is only one correct answer to each question. After answering all the questions, click on the button at the bottom of the page that says 'Submit quiz for scoring'. Your results will be displayed automatically. Good luck!

1. Apart from aircraft, what else could use Honolulu Airport?
This is the main port for container ships.
Local fishermen use the ends of the runways for fishing.
The Space Shuttle could land here
Plans exist for a new underground railway to start here.

2. The mountain range behind Honolulu is called:
The Waianae Range
Diamond Head
The Koolau Range
Koko Crater

3. Why is Koko Crater such an odd shape?
Construction has removed one side of the cone.
During the eruption, the trades winds caused the ash to fall "down wind".
Erosion by the ocean has changed the cone dramatically since it formed.
The north side of the cone has been buried by younger lava flows.

4. The Pali on the windward side of Oahu is how high?
10 meters
300 meters
150 meters
500 meters

5. The old lava flow from Tantalus was used early in the 20th century for what?
Building stone in Honolulu.
Constructing the Honolulu Airport.
Making the foundations for the H1 freeway.
Filling in part of Hanauma Bay.

6. What is the name of the famous pink building in at Waikiki Beach?
The University of Hawaii.
The International Bank Building.
The Royal Hawaiian Hotel.
The Royal Palace of Hawaii.

7. What is the name of the highest point on Oahu?
Mount Kaala.
Diamond Head.
The Koolau Range.

8. Dikes in the Koolau Range caused something special to happen in SE Oahu. What was this?
Diamonds formed along the lines of weakness associated with the dikes.
Explosive eruptions took place.
Vegetation now grows particularly well over the volcanic rock formed by the dikes.
The eastern part of the island was over-steepened, causing giant landslides.

9. Where do we see wave-cut platforms on Oahu?
The Pali Highway.
Hanauma Bay.
Waikiki Beach.
Rabbit Island.

10. From where can we see Kahala, St. Louis Heights, the Waianae Range and Manoa Valley?
The Lanai Lookout.
The Pali Lookout
Hanauma Bay
Diamond Head

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