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The beautiful Kapuna Falls plummets over 130 meters, and is only ten meters lower than nearby Akaka Falls, which is the highest waterfall in the State of Hawaii. Visiting Akaka Fall State Park makes a great place to see the power of water erosion as the water falls over the edge of old lava flows.

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To get to Akaka Falls, one has to take a wonderful trail through bamboo forests and sees many different tropical plants. This really does feel as if you're in a jungle, so make sure that you bring a camera and lots of film for some very unusual photographs!

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The Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden is a part of the coastline that has been set aside for people to enjoy the natural beauty of an unspoiled part of the Big Island. Come here to experience the wonderful tropical plants, exotic birds, and stunning views of the coastline!

From here you can continue on to Stop 5 on the ground, or you can pick another point from the Big Island Virtual Field Trip page.