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This is a view looking up towards the summit of Mauna Kea, close to where the road goes to Hale Pohaku and the astronomical telescopes ( Stop #8 ).

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This is a mosaic of three photos of Mauna Loa taken from the Saddle Road. Here we can see many of the individual lava flows from the North East Rift Zone, as well as the NOAA weather station (red arrow).

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Parts of the saddle Road are very bleak, as lava flows from Mauna Loa have frequently covered the area over the last two hundred years. Here we see part of the pahoehoe lava flow (the shiny surface) that was erupted in 1942 that has partially buried the older (darker) aa flow.

From here you can continue on to Stop 10 on the ground, or you can pick another point from the Big Island Virtual Field Trip page.