Returning to the Base Camp

Upon arriving back at the base camp at Hakioawa, you are hot and sticky--time for a bath. Unfortunately, you won't get very clean bathing in the sediment-filled waters fronting Hakioawa beach.

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View of Hakioawa from the trail

After bathing, everyone gathers at the kitchen site, a covered area where food is prepared. Everyone is responsible for helping make dinner and cleaning up afterward. Dinnertime is a relaxed time, after which you talk story, play guitar or retire early after your long day.

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Kitchen site at base camp

Dinner might be something cooked on the grill, such as barbecued chicken. Refuse is composted or burned in the covered fire to the right of the grill.

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Grill at kitchen site

A propane-fueled stove is used for cooking a delicious beef stew for dinner, as well as the thick oatmeal served at breakfast the next morning. You'll wake up early the morning you leave the island, departing the same way you arrived.

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Cooking facilities at kitchen site

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