The Hike Down

After a long day making wind measurements under the sun, you are eager to make your way back to camp. The hike down takes almost as long as the hike up, but at least it is all downhill.

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The terrain looks much the same as it does going uphill, with large gullies scarring the dry landscape.

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Gullies weave their way across your path downhill.

A misty rain falls between East Maui and Kahoolawe, shrouding the tiny islet of Molokini in the channel.

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Molokini in the channel between Maui and Kahoolawe

You pass this archaeological site on the way to the base camp, another reminder of the ancient Hawaiians who once lived on this island.

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Remnant house site

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Author: Cristina Lumpkin
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Curator Lori Glaze
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