Air Photographs 1 - 5

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Air Photo #1: Some of the most recent (~20,000 year old) eruptions on Kauai took place just inland from the southeastern shore, and we can see some of the low cones here and in the following few pictures.

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Air Photo #2: This is the one of the main parts of Kauai that were affected by hurricane Iniki in 1992. As you can see from these 1997 photos, most of the vegetation has almost fully recovered from the storm.

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Air Photo #3: Poipu Beach is a favorite area for tourists to stay when they visit Kauai. Great weather and fun tourist attractions are always popular. At nearby Koloa, the first sugar mill in Hawaii was built in 1835. The body of water at right is Waita Reservoir.

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Air Photo #4: Hotels and attractive beaches line the shoreline between Poipu and Koloa Landing.

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Air Photo #5: About a mile inland from Poipu, one can find an old Hawaiian heiau surrounded by a modern housing development. Ancient sites such as this one are protected from development and provide an important link to the heritage of the islands.

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