Air Photographs 6 - 9

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Air Photo #6: Photo 6: Haupu Ridge, seen here in the foreground, is a resistant block of the original Waialeale volcano that remain high-standing following multiple collapse events of the flanks of the volcano. Numerous attractive bays are found along this part of the coastline.

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Air Photo #7: Notice the fine sequence of horizontal layers of lava flows in this section of Haupu Ridge. These flows are more resistant to erosion than the surrounding rocks, so that the cliffs are steep and high.

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Air Photo #8: Most visitors to Kauai land at Lihue Airport. As they arrive at the island, they get a fine view of Nawiliwili Bay (seen here just behind the runways).

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Air Photo #9: Lihue is the main town on Kauai, and serves as the starting point for trips west to Waimea canyon or north to the Napali Coast. In the foreground is Hanamaulu Bay.

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