Kauai From the Air

Many of the best views of Kauai can only be obtained from the air. The steep Na Pali cliffs on the north shore, and the deeply eroded valleys of Waimea Canyon must be seen from above to appreciate their full size. Here are a few views taken from a helicopter as "Virtually Hawaii" toured the island.

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Aerial location number 1.1: The individual lava flows that comprise the walls of Waimea Canyon can be easily seen in the middle distance of this view. Notice that most of the slopes are so steep that no vegetation can take hold on the rocks -- that's steep!

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Aerial location number 1.2: Looking almost straight down into Waimea Canyon late in the day, we can see how deeply eroded the Canyon really is. In the more remote parts of the Canyon, as we see here, lush vegetation covers the canyon floor.

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Aerial location number 2: Looking south towards the coast, one gets a different perspective of the Rim Road, which is on the right hand side of this image (see also ground Stop #2 for views from this road).

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Aerial location number 3: The Tunnel of Trees can be clearly seen from the air, cutting its way through the sugar cane fields (see also Ground Photo #6 ). The body of water in this view is called Waita Reservoir.

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Aerial location number 4: Just inland from Nawiliwili Bay on the East Coast, we can look westward and see all of the agriculture (mainly sugar production) that is such an important part of Kauai's economy.

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Aerial location number 5: This is another view of 'Opaeka'a Falls ( Ground Stop #7 ), except from this perspective we can see right into the interior of the island and Mt. Waialeale (~1,560 meters high).

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Aerial location number 6.1: Looking east towards Hanalei Bay, we can see here several of the beach parks that are common along the North Shore, including Wainiha and Lumaha'i Beaches.

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Aerial location number 6.2: Hanalei Bay is a popular place to stop as one drives around the north shore of Kauai towards the Na Pali coast.

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Aerial location number 7.1: Magnificent 500 meter high cliffs are common for the interior walls of Wai'ale'ale.

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Aerial location number 7.2: This part of the coastline is virtually inaccessible except by boat and rigorous hiking up steep slopes -- or you can take the easy route and have a helicopter flight!

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Aerial location number 8: Looking east along the Na Pali Coast it is easy to see why so many tourists really like Kauai and its spectacular landscapes.

You have now completed the aerial tour around Kauai. If you would like, you may begin the ground tour at the beginning, or visit a specific stop on the ground tour by returning to the Kauai Virtual Field Trip page.

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Author: Peter Mouginis-Mark

Copyright by P. Mouginis-Mark

Curator: Lori Glaze