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This was a very typical view along Chain of Craters Road. As fresh lava crossed the road, all the traffic stopped and everyone took a look at the burning road.

[600x305 JPEG]

It's unlikely that anyone will be speeding along this part of the road for quite a while. Here we can see some of the health hazards that burning road surface can create -- notice the thick black smoke. Also, this view is interesting because you can see just how thin many of the lava flows are -- in this case only about 20 cm thick.

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Just to show you that the Virtually Hawaii Team Leader sometimes has some fun, here he is at the wheel of a car that didn't quite get out of the way of the lava flows as quickly as it should. Inside the car, all of the seats had been burnt away, and also the glass had been melted by the great heat. Anybody want to buy a used car?

You have now completed the ground tour along Chain of Craters Road. If you would like, you may have a look at the Chain of Craters from the air.

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