Sites of the 1924 boulder field, in general with increasing distance away from Halemaumau crater. "Odd" things in some of the images include the fact that in Site #13 we are still quite close to the rim, but the area may have been buried by younger ash deposits during the 1960's when Halemaumau was also active (hence this is similar to a greater distance away from the crater). At Site #15, the odd looking mounds are man-made; evidently this was some civil defense training area in the 1940's where they were working on new methods to prevent aircraft landing at remote places in Hawaii! Site #16 is a view of fluvial channels that have been cut in the 1790 ash (which underlies the 1924 deposits shown in Sites 9 - 15). The area shown here is right on the rim of the caldera, so that there is a local slope of ~25 - 30 degrees. The stratification is due to individual deposition events (each layer is a few mm in thickness).

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