View taken from trail running along Byron Edge (between the main part of Kilauea Caldera and the ash deposit of Kilauea Iki), looking towards Volcano House (off the image to the right) and the steam vents along the rim. This Site covers the same general area seen at Site #5. These steam vents form where rain water percolates down fractures surrounding the caldera, and intersects the hotter rock. They are often transient, and are only seen after heavy rain. However, because of the sulfur gas that is mobilized with the steam, it has had an adverse effect on the vegetation, which at best is relatively unhealthy grass. On the AIRSAR image, this area of grass appears as relatively dark compared to the surrounding trees. Note that the background in this image shows the lower slopes of Mauna Loa, but this is outside the field of view of the radar image.

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