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Even the P.I.'s father likes to go to Maui! Here we see Cliff Mark as he's about to set off for another day of "fun in the Sun". The relatively steep southern flank of West Maui volcano can be seen in the background.

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Another view (along with the one from McGregor Point at Stop #2 ) of the uninhabited island of Kahoolawe. Also just visible in this image (as the bright brown piece of land just left of center) is the small island of Molokini, which is a favorite stop of tour boats when they take people out scuba diving.

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Looking inland from Kihei one gets a great view of the impressive cinder cones along the SW Rift Zone of Haleakala volcano (also seen in aerial view #5 ).

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How can you not spend some time on Maui when there are such magnificent views at sunset as the one seen here? West Maui is seen at right, and the island of Lanai is at left.

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