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Close to the Park Entrance, one can look out over the Central Valley of Maui and see Kihei (Stop #7) , West Maui and Lanai are in the distance.

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Now this looks either great fun or utter madness, depending on your spirit of adventure! One of the great tourist activities on Maui is to rent a special bicycle and ride all the way down from the summit to the coast. Several tour operators offer package deals that include a car ride to the top, a special bike (with EXTRA strong brakes) and all the riding gear such as a helmet that you need. Now all you need are the nerves to set yourself going.

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At the Park Headquarters on the road to the summit, you can sometimes find flowering examples of silversword plants. These bloom only once, but have wonderful flowers. Compare this plant to the many examples on the Crater floor that we can see at Stop #10.3 , photo #1.

From here you can continue on to Stop 10.

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