Journal of my trips to Maui

by Mael Flament

26 March 1996

At Kahului airport, we rented a car. We looked at the car, after that we went to K-Mart and to CostCo to buy a blanket. We drove to Tedeschi winery and learned how they make wine. We bought two bottles of wine and we had lunch.

The different wines made at Tedeschi...

Then we went to Kula Lodge to drop our luggage and we drove to the top of Haleakala to see where we would start tomorrow. We had a beautiful view of the crater with a lot of small cinder cones. There were a lot of silversords, and it was very cold and windy. We could even see the Big Island in the distance.

The Haleakala crater, from the Virtually Hawaii Maui field trip

Finally we came back the lodge. We had dinner and emptied our luggage.

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