Journal of my trips to Maui

by Mael Flament

28 March 1996

We drove from Kula lodge to Hana. We stopped on the coast at Keana, a rocky beach full of poky black lava rocks on which the waves crash.

There was an old Hawaiian man who was selling black coral, shells, blue coral, ping corals, carved coconuts and eggs made out of lava. My sister and I each bought a shark tooth pendant:

... and two purses made out of a shell:

It was a long road to Hana Bay and it was rainy the whole day! On the way, we saw beautiful waterfalls, rain forests and views of the ocean.

Waterfall along the Hana Highway

We saw a big tunnel which was carrying water through the mountains for the pineapple and sugar cane fields.

Irrigation tunnel along Hana road

We stopped at a store, there were parrots and objects for sale. There was a singer playing harp. We got the key to the houses we rented and drove to it. There were two houses. The houses were in Hana Bay on the coast.

The garden and the houses

There were peacocks, dogs and geese and pleasant animals.

A peacock in the garden

There were walking trees that I climbed.

Me climing a walking tree in the garden at Hana

Before supper, my mom and dad bought a lot of food: saussages, meat, chips, juices, soup, fruits. We then went to bed. My grand ma, my sister and me were in one of the houses, my mom and dad in the other one.

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