Journal of my trips to Maui

by Mael Flament

29 March 1996

Very early in the morning, my sister and I woke our grand ma up and saw a lot of peakocks outside our window - females and males. My grand ma took pictures of my sister and of me feeding the brids.

Me feeding a peackock

My sister Io feeding a peackock

We played with the peakocks and the dogs, then we packed. We went look at the bay of Hana, then went to the lightouse.

The black sand beach at Hana bay

When we were driving, there was a little island with palm trees and a little forest. It seemed that no one was living on it. Then we passed the Seven Pools, a gulch coming down from the slope of the Haleakala.

We continued on a dirt road to Kaipo.

A view of the Ocean from the dirt road

On the way we stopped at Kaipo store to eat a big ice cream. We had a beautiful view of the ocean with black lava rocks. We went on the dirt road forward and stopped at a church. It was closed so we continued. There were good views of the Haleakala slopes and we took pictures. We continued all the way to the winery, where we had a snack and bought a chocolate milk fudge cookie for my sister and cookies, some kakemochi and bottle of maui wine. After we continued and saw cows and horses. Then we saw a little island further ahead and drove all the way to Lahaina where we stayed at the Plantation Hotel. We saw sugar canes. At night, at the hotel, my grand ma and my mom were watching us in the swimming pool. Then my mom went up. My sister and me had fun in the jaccuzzi and the big swimming pool. At night we changed clothes in our room and then went to an italian restaurant. We had meat, pasta, soup and a little salad. My dad and my mom had wine, my sister and I a special kind of juice. For desert I had a strawbery sherbet with chocolate fudge. My sister, mom and grand ma had tiramisu, and my dad had a brandy.

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