Journal of my trips to Maui

by Mael Flament

12 June 1996

A few weeks later I went back to Maui because my dad had a drifting buoy stuck on the coast, near Haiku. Glenn James helped us. We walked many miles through pineapples fields. We ate some small left over pineapples which were sweet and tasted better than those in the stores! we also brought some tiny ones back, dried them and gave them to our dolls and stuffed animals.

We stopped on top of a clift and searched for the buoys with a radio. We went down the clift in gulch with a little trail. We saw a beach with big boulders and yellow net foam floats. My dad and Glenn searched for the buoy. It was very hot and we had forgotten to take anything to drink, so we sipped pineapples. There was fishes, crabs, shells and opihi in a pool. Some of the crabs we as big as one foot. They were red and black. I took some pictures then it started raining heavily, the rain was very cold. We left then it was sunny again. We put black plastic bags in our necks and arms to protect us because we had forgotten sunscreen. Then we collected small pineapples, and back at Glenn's house we made a juice that was very good. The recipe was: strawberries, pineapples, blueberries, guavas, and a little coconut juice. We put some aloa vera leaves on our sunburns, and took pictures of Glenn's tropical garden before we left back to airport.

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