Views of the Ka Iwi Coast

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(1) An oblique of part of the Ka Iwi coastline looking north (Hanuama Bay is "HB" and Koko Crater "KC"). Notice the level of development in the Hawaii Kai area, at left of the image, compared to the Ka Iwi coastline at right.

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(2) From the top of Koko Crater looking south, one gets a fine view of Hanuama Bay, which is located in the flooded volcanic craters that form Koko Head.

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(3) This view is looking north towards Sandy Beach, which is a world-renowned surfing and sun bathing beach. While there will be no development at this beach, all of the coastline seen here could be threatened by runoff and sewage from additional development such as the hotel and housing.

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(4) Windswept Queens Beach has many coastal dunes that are favorite places for people to start their hikes around the coastline, but this area would be transformed into a golf course and club house. This flood plain area is also one of few areas where the endangered native species Marsilea Villosa can be found.

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(5) The Ka Iwi coastline is not only a major recreation destination for tourists and locals but is also used heavily by the University of Hawaii in a variety of field courses. Because the rocks and ecology are scientifically interesting, many tours are held here. In the background is the northern side of Koko Crater. In this view, the hotel and adjacent commercial center would be built just this side of Koko Crater.

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(6) More interesting geology and pristine tidal pools can be found along the coastline. Many pools are found in the old lava flows from the Koolau Volcano, which are shown here in excellent exposure. This field trip is one of the most interesting for students learning about the outdoor environment in Hawaii.

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(7) This view from the top of Makapu`u Point looks towards the place where 300 luxury homes might be built along the top of the cliffs. We feel that this spectacular view is best left undeveloped so that future generations can experience the same exhilaration that we do after our walk up to the point.

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(8) Makapu`u Point offers one of the best cliff hikes anywhere on Oahu because this dry windswept coastline lacks the tropical forest of other parts of the island.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can show your concern about losing this fantastic coastline to development, go to the home of the local organization working to preserve the Ka Iwi Coastline.

Author: P. Mouginis-Mark

Copyright by P. Mouginis-Mark

Curator: Lori Glaze