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The first two pictures here are general views looking back towards Waikiki and the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, which we saw at the previous stop.

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Many of the locals keep their surf boards at the beach, just in case they can "catch a wave" after work!

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One of the interesting differences between Waikiki and the rest of Oahu is the local police "car", seen here on the main street in Waikiki (Kalakaua Avenue).

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The statue in this, and the following picuture, is of one of the most famous local people of Waikiki -- Duke Kahanamoku. A former Olympic swimmer, Duke pioneered several surf riding techniques at Waikiki Beach.

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As we walk to the eastern end of Kuhio Beach, we enter Kapiolani Park, which is where we will be at Stop 12 . Diamond Head is in the background.

From here you can continue on to Stop 12.

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