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Aloha Tower provides a focal point for many of the attractions at the new shopping complex.

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Numerous bars along the Harbor waterfront are great places to relax and plan the next part of the shopping expedition!

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There are several pleasure boats that are based next to Aloha Tower, including this futuristic cruiser.

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If you take a ride to the top of Aloha Tower, you can get an interesting view of Downtown Honolulu. Here we can see that modern office buildings compete with palm trees and older buildings for the limited space that is available in the city.

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Bishop Square in the center of Honolulu is a great place to relax and watch the business of the City in operation. Festivals, live concerts and other entertainment is often to be found here.

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It's really strange seeing how Hawaii celebrates the Christmas Holidays -- but despite the lack of snow, Santa evens visits the Tropics in December!

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