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The inside of Punchbowl has many impressive and reverent things to see. This central area leads towards the main monument seen below in Photo #3.

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Flowers are everywhere within Punchbowl.

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The steps leading to the main monument at Punchbowl.

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From the top of the monument steps, one can get an impressive view of the crater's interior, along with a view of Diamond Head off in the distance.

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One of the most interesting aspects to Punchbowl for the tourist is a series of maps made out of colored tiles that describe all of the main battles in the Pacific during World War 2. In addition to being highly informative about the tactics and chronology of the battles, these maps are very impressive pieces of art.

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Right at the top of the rim of Punchbowl Crater, there is an overlook of Downtown Honolulu. In this view, we can see the commercial district, as well as (in the distance) the Airport and parts of Pearl Harbor.

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