Video Virtual Field Trip of Kilauea in Eruption

In many of our other Virtual Field Trips of Kilauea volcano, we have seen geological features that have formed over the last 1,000 years. In our research, we study the shape and distribution of lava flows, measure the temperature of active lava flows, and study the gases released from the on-going eruptions. As a visitor to Virtually Hawaii, what is missing from your experience of the volcano is the movement of the lava and its effects as a flow enters the ocean.

Part I of Pele Meets the Sea contains six short movies of active lava.

Part II of contains several still photographs of active lava both above and below water.


Diving and video movie: Richard Pyle, Jane Culp, Frank Sansone, Gordon Tribble, Jane Tribble, David Schideler, Kevin Kelly, John Earle, Randall Kosaki;Copyright 1990 LavaVideo Productions, 741 N. Kalaheo Avenue, Kailua, HI 96734.

Digitization and HTML presentation: Cristina Lumpkin and Pierre Flament

To see some related photos and for references to some more information that may be of interest, please check out the link to Frank Sansone's web page on our Project Linkspage.