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This part of Virtually Hawaii provides what we call "Virtual Field Trips", which take you on different tours around the islands. The objective is to show you parts of Hawaii from space and the air, and then to show you ground photos of points of interest. While these trips have a strong geology flavor (the Virtually Hawaii Team has many geologists as members), we hope these tours will be used by educators at grade schools and community colleges for a variety of other types of projects. We have also found that many of our visitors who sign our Guest Book find these Virtual Field Trips to be useful in planning vacations in Hawaii.

All of the images in the Virtual Field Trips have accompanying descriptive texts, and for many of the tours we have a short quiz that you can take to see how much you have learnt about Hawaii. We hope that you will try to answer our multiple choice questions and "submit" these answers via electronic forms. Our host computer will then immediately respond with your "grade". This "interactive" aspect is one of the educational components of our project.

We now have several Virtual Field Trips on line, and more are under preparation. Pick an island and choose where you want to go!

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