What Was New at Virtually Hawaii in 1995

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December 31: Added a new quiz following the Kilauea Ground Tour.

December 18: Completed the virtual field trip to Kauai .


Nothing new this month - curator on travel.


October 27: Completed the virtual field trip to The Big Island . Come see the diversity that this beautiful island has to offer.


September 26: Completed the virtual field trip to Southwest Oahu . This field trip contains many beautiful photographs of some of the best tourist stops on Oahu.

September 21: Finally finished the virtual field trip to Molokai .


Nothing new added this month - curator on leave.


July 6: added a link to Virtually Hawaii Co-Investigator Glenn James' Maui Weather Today page. (This page is now Hawaii Weather Today.)


June 26: began construction on two new virtual field trips, one around the island of Molokai , and the other around Southwest Oahu . For now, there are only images. Text will be added soon!

June 16: we now have a mirror site on the mainland! Those accessing from Hawaii should continue to use our Original Site Others will probably find the Mirror Site much faster.

June 16: completed yet another virtual field trip on Kilauea Volcano. This one takes you along Chain of Craters Road where you can see some interesting lava flows from the 1969-1974 Mauna Ulu eruption as well as some active lavas from the current eruption at Pu'u O'o.

June 12: We are delighted to say that Virtually Hawaii is proving to be really popular on the Net. On some days, we have had over 4,000 different people visiting our site. As a result, we have been spending a lot of our time trying to improve the layout of our pages, as well as handle some issues related to our over- worked server. Hopefully, you will find the format to your liking. In the next week or so, we will start adding new images to the Virtual Field Trips and other parts of our site. Come back and visit us soon to see what these look like!


May 8: added a short Survey for our visitors to fill out so that we can better determine how to direct our efforts at Virtually Hawaii. The survey can be found on the Feedback page.

May 5: added a new feature to the Kilauea Virtual Field Trips called What's New at the Volcano where you can see some pictures of recent lava flows and activity at Kilauea volcano. We have also added more ground photos to the Radar Tour of Kilauea Crater (Sites 27 - 33).

May 1: completed the Virtual Field Trip to Maui ! Come have a look at one of the most beautiful of the Hawaiian Islands.


April 28: added a Guest Book for all our virtual visitors! Please sign.

April 26: added a new Radar Tour of Kilauea Crater. This tour compares what things look like in a radar image to what they look like on the ground.

April 12: added a link to the Imaging Radar Home Page at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory on the Virutally Hawaii Links to Related Work page, and added some new air photographs to aerial locations 4 and 5 of the Southeast Oahu Virtual Field Trip.

April 3: added a short quiz following the Southeast Oahu Virtual Field Trip to test your knowledge!


March 28: added new image of the island of Niihau to the Aerial Photographs Image Navigator and put some finishing touches on the Southeast Oahu Virtual Field Trip.

March 27: real-time video images of Manoa valley as seen from the University of Hawaii Manoa campus, and the most recent images from the University of Hawaii GMS (Japanese Geostationary Satellite) receiving system are now available as part of the Satellite Oceanography Laboratory portion of Virtually Hawaii.

March 27: added new captions to the following SIR-C images of: Maui , Kohala Volcano (Big Island) , Mauna Kea Volcano (Big Island) , Hilo (Big Island) , Mauna Loa Volcano (Big Island) , Kilauea Volcano (Big Island).

March 27: completed the Southeast Oahu aerial tour, thus completing the new Southeast Oahu Virtual Field Trip. Come have a look at one of the most popular tourist spots in the world!

March 24: completed the ground tour portion of the new Southeast Oahu Virtual Field Trip.

March 23: added 3 new air photographs (2 Kahoolawe, 1 Kohala) and 1 new SIR-C image (Southeast Oahu) to the Image Navigator.

March 10: added a tour around Kilauea crater.

March 5: Virtually Hawaii went public!

Author: Lori Glaze

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Curator: Lori Glaze