What Was New at Virtually Hawaii in 1996

If it has been awhile since your last visit, you may wish to go directly to a particular month:


December 16: Learn how you can help Virtually Hawaii protect the spectacular southeast coastline of Oahu by taking the Virtual Field Trip along the Ka Iwi Coast.

December 9: We have added a new, virtual Walking Tour of Honolulu.

December 4: We have moved the live video camera that looks up Manoa Valley where the University of Hawaii is located. The new camera gives you the same view of Manoa Valley that the Virtually Hawaii Principal Investigator has every day from his apartment balcony! (This camera is no longer supported.)


Nothing new this month.


October 8: We have a new camera installed at our Sunset Beach location. (This camera is no longer supported.)


September 30: Replaced the third image on Page 6 of the Remote Sensing Tutorial

September 9: Completed a new Remote Sensing Tutorial to help our visitors better understand where remote sensing images come from and why they look like they do.

September 9: Added 15 new images to the Remote Image Navigator for the Big Island.


August 2: Completed the virtual field trip around Kaneohe Bay on the island of Oahu.


July 10: Added two new SIR-C images of Kohala and Mauna Kea (both on the big island) to the Image Navigator.


June 3: Replace the black and white SIR-C image of Honolulu in the image navigator with a new full color image.


May 28: Added a new under water virtual field trip called Pele Meets the Sea that explores the ocean entry point for active lavas from Kilauea Volcano.


Nothing new this month.


March 6: In an effort to make more NASA satellite data available, we now have links to the TOPEX pathfinder dataset as part of our Ocean Atlas of Hawai'i.


February 26: Added a new Virtual Field Trip to Kaneohe Bay on north shore of Oahu.

February 26: Added some additional stops to the Virtual Field Trip of Southeast Oahu .

February 14: Replaced SIR-C image of Maui with a new high resolution fully processed SIR-C image.


January 22: The Satellite Oceanography Laboratory (who serves up our real-time satellite data) added the Ocean Atlas of Hawaii , which contains a discussion of currents, tides and waves in Hawaii.

January 19: Added a video fly-by of the Big Island . Come fly with us!

January 8: Added a new real time video camera at Sunset Beach on Oahu. (This camera is no longer supported.)

January 2: Added three new quizzes for the Big Island , Chain of Craters Road , and Southwest Oahu Virtual Field Trips.

Author: Lori Glaze

© Copyright by P. Mouginis-Mark

Curator: Lori Glaze