Virtual Field Trip Around Kauai

Instructions: The virtual field trip to Kauai has two parts: a view from the air, and a ground tour. The locations numbered in yellow on the map below show the places you can see from the air. You may wish to see all of the air photographs or you can go directly to a specific air photograph by clicking on one of the yellow numbers. You may begin the ground tour by clicking on the number 1 in the white circle, or you may visit any of the stops on the ground tour by clicking on the corresponding white location number.

At the western end of the main chain of Hawaiian Islands, Kauai consists of ~550 square miles of beautiful beaches, rain forest, mountains and coastal plains. The climate here is very variable - Wai'ale'ale in the center of the island, is the wettest place on Earth with over 12 meters per year! Only a few miles away to the west, there are almost desert conditions. This high rainfall and warm temperatures have promoted lush tropical vegetation, making Kauai one of the favorite spots for tourists and, surprisingly, Hollywood producers. Dozens of films, including Jurassic Park, King Kong, and Raiders of the Lost Arc have been filmed in Kauai. Join us on this Virtual Field Trip of Kauai and enjoy some of these exotic sites!

Author: Lori Glaze

Copyright by P. Mouginis-Mark

Curator: Lori Glaze